My Asian Marketplace is a one-stop online shop for all Asians in the UK

Provides a Free advertising portal to increase your market reach

It is very useful to find everything on social media, but it is so difficut to trace any post among various groups when we needed to find it again.


My Asian Marketplace is an online platform to make it easier to find a service (like a Solicitor, Education Classes, Parkings), a job or shops or offers and many more such functions. And all in one place.


Some unique features includes – Bulk emails & WhatApp message to to Ad owners. MAM Helpline is a 7 days a week helpline no. +44 75 63 63 75 00 to find anything on one phone call.


The goal we set out with is to provide you, the consumer, with a solution for everything you need to solve your day to day needs – small or big.

And your search does not even need to end in the UK. The world has moved online and we bring you the opportunity to harness the benefits. To fill any gaps and add to the variety, professionals from all over the world can post their services & products in any of the categories on our platform.

We invite you to join in on this adventure. I hope you like My Asian Marketplace and please do share further so we can all grow together.